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24/7 Towing


Our Mission Statement: We strive to provide the finest collision repair and paint refinishing north of the river. To rank 1st in customer satisfaction and service. To build and maintain a reputation among insurance companies, their agents and representatives; along with our clients and the community as the most reliable, friendly and hassle free resource around.


Accidents, flat tires and locking your keys in the car are all unsettling, but knowing what to do in those situations makes everything a little more bearable. Precision Collision, a full-service collision repair facility in the Northland, is committed to educating you about what to do when you need a tow truck by sharing these important facts:

1. Missouri law gives you the right to choose the towing company and the collision repair shop for your vehicle. No insurance agent or towing company can legally require you to work with a specific repair facility. The scene of an accident is no place to make a snap decision about a tow company or a collision repair facility. Others at the scene will likely recommend several options but, remember, it’s up to you--so be prepared to choose a shop you trust and don’t be persuaded to do anything else.

2. Towing charges from the scene of an accident are often much greater than towing for a mechanical problem and almost always cost a lot more because of the safety and emergency factors at the scene. Those tow charges are added to your insurance estimate, so it’s critical to work with a tow service that charges a fair price. You’ll appreciate that fair price even more as you work with your agent on your insurance claim and at your next insurance review. If you’ve worked with us before, you know our goal is to provide top quality repair work and excellent customer service at a competitive price.

As a full-service collision repair facility, we:

· Offer 24/7 towing.
· Always match your insurance claim and / or work with them to come to a mutual agreement to ensure proper repairs WE can stand behind and warranty.
· Our “Limited Lifetime Warranty” on all repairs won’t cost you a penny over your deductible regardless of who you are insured with.

Whether it’s a flat tire or an accident, it’s comforting to know you can count on Precision Collision to be on the scene promptly. We’ll tow your vehicle to our shop, make sure you get home safely and assist in the claims process and coordinate your repairs. It really is that easy. Make sure you know what to do.

Print these numbers and keep them in your glove compartment and store our numbers in your smart phone for those emergency times you need us: After Hours Tow Service 816-291-0497